Medicare Open Enrollment, 5 Star Special Enrollment, Disenrollment 2016


In 2016, most persons have the chance to change your Medicare Advantage or Prescription Drug coverage twice: During the Open Enrollment period, and the Dis-Enrollment period. However, exceptions apply, for example if you move out of the area of your current plan, or enroll in a 5 star rated plan.

When Can I Enroll In Or Switch Medicare Advantage And Prescription Drug Plans 2016?

Medicare Open Enrollment is the time of the year to check your current Medicare advantage plan or prescription drug plan coverage and compare it to other plans on the market. You might be able to find better coverage and/or save money if you switch. Even if your current policy seems to work for you, it is a good idea to check out what’s new. The only way to make sure that your Medicare insurance continues to match your health care needs, is to compare your current plan to other plans that are offered by your current insurance company or other health care providers in your area.

The Medicare Open Enrollment period for Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C) and Prescription Drug Coverage Plans (Part D) is from October 15th through December 7, 2016. Any change you make during the Open Enrollment period will take effect on January 1st, 2017.

If you decide to stay with your current plan there is no further action required to renew it.

Remember that if you don’t use this window of opportunity, you cannot make any changes to your coverage before October of the next year.

During this period you may join a Medicare Advantage plan with (MA-PD) or without (MAP) prescription drug coverage, if you have original Medicare. You may vice-verse also cancel your current advantage plan and return to original Medicare.

If you already have Medicare advantage, you may switch to another advantage plan with (MA-PD) or without (MAP) drug coverage.

If you have original Medicare and no drug coverage, you may add a prescription drug plan.

If you already have Medicare drug coverage, you may switch to a different plan, or drop your current coverage.

5 Star Special Enrollment Period for Medicare Advantage Plans 2016

There is a special enrollment period for 5 star advantage plans. You may join or switch between 5-Star rated advantage plans at any time during the year ONCE per year. 5 Star Plans are marked with a golden star icon in the Plan Finder.

Dis-Enrollment Period 2016 For Medicare Advantage Plans

During the Annual Dis-Enrollment period, you may elect to dis-enroll from your current Medicare advantage plan and return to original Medicare. You also have the chance to join a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan during this time, after you cancel your advantage plan.

The 2016 Medicare Dis-Enrollment period is from January 1st through February 14th, 2016. Changes to your coverage will take effect the first day of the month after the plan received your enrollment form.

By: Joseph Rosario

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